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Wholesale: Services
Computer Store

Features Include

  • Manage wholesale stock in multiple stock warehouses and retail outlets,

  • Manage consignment stock and accounts

  • Indent orders and automatic collation of supplier order information.

  • Scan and pack orders.

  • Direct link for overseas suppliers to access and enter stock manufactured etc

  • Style available to sell based on customer orders , supplier orders and current stock levels over multiple Locations.

  • Restore abandoned orders and sales

  • Auto duplicate orders and sales for customers with multiple stores and delivery Sites.

  • Merge multiple orders into new order

  • Generate multiple unique invoices for the one order

  • Orders automatically back ordered based on invoiced Qty, no manual entry.

  • Duplicate past orders 

  • Manage incoming and outgoing stock

  • Sales reps and gent commission reports based on orders, invoices or when you receive payments.

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