• Manage Customer Account Details Card files, Multiple Delivery Sites , ideal for Chain stores & Franchises.

  • Track Balances & Transactions in Local & Foreign currencies, Unique Pricing levels by Type, Qty, Location etc.

  • Drill into Onscreen Transactions

  • Manage Agent & Sales Rep Commissions by sales or Payments.

  • Record over 10's of thousands of Customer accounts. 

  • Almost  unlimited sales information recorded by customer, product , payment history etc.

  • Export Reports to excel etc.

  • Interface with Microsoft Bi Dashboard  (Free)

  • Customer Statements, Merged One Statement for Chain Stores & Franchises etc.

  • Age balance Reports 

  • Email/Pdf Invoices/Orders Statements etc

  • Merge Multiple Orders into New Order

  • Generate Multiple Unique Sales Invoices for the One Sales Order

  • Customer Returns 

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