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Computer Software Guidance

Dant Fashion Software Third Party Features and Tools

Third Party Features and Tools: Services

Third Party Applications and Interfaces

  • Export to Excel/Csv , Txt

  • Import from Csv,txt

  • Provide stock levels for shopify - Stock-Sync App

  • Import sales files for shopify - Xporter App

  • Generate stock files etc for magento & other web packages.

  • Import sales files for magento and other web packages.

  • Generate files for dashboards ie Microsoft Power BI etc

  • Generate files for excel Pivot Tables.

  • Export to barcode label programs ie seagull bartender etc.

  • Auto send emails with outlook or Gmail.

  • Export sales info to files for importing into Xero or Myob

  • Export purchases info to files for importing into Xero

  • Export Cash Receipt Info into Files for Import into Xero

  • Import orders etc from EDI Systems, Csv Files etc

  • (Talk to Dant  to see available EDI options)

  • Import orders from web order entry software (Joor)

  • Note : Many custom websites may require custom development for the uploading of stock units and downloading of sales/orders, we are happy to discuss your requirements & see if we can provide a reasonable solution.

Third Party Features and Tools: Pro Gallery
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