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Dant Fashion Software Stock Management

Stock Management: Services
Computer Store

Features Include

  • Style Colour & Size ,  100 Colours by 20 Sizes per Style

  • Up to 30 Stock Locations ,Warehouses , Stores, Websites

  • Unique Wholesale & Retail Prices by Product, Colours, Sizes, Customer etc

  • EAN & SKU barcodes 

  • Link Images, Sketches.

  • Duplicate Stock Items,

  • Import Style Ranges 

  • View Style Information in a Grid Format  - Stock on Hand, Sales, Purchases , Available to Sell.

  • Bill of Materials.

  • Import Costing

  • Ratios & Packs

  • Min/Max levels

  • ​Categorise products by label, season, story, group, item, sort123,  report 123

  •  Automatically maintain all style details  for Colour & Size from Parent product.

  • Automatically Generate Products in other ledgers & Stock Locations.

  • Can be designed to handle Style, colour size & cups.

  • Store product body Information for Web database Upload

  • Scheduled Stock File generation for Web Uploads & Maintenance.

  • Manage up to hundreds of thousands of products over 30 Locations.

  • Sample labels.

  • Pricing by single sizes or single pricing per style, colour, customer.

Dant Fashion Software Manufacturing and Bill of Materials

Stock Management: Services
Computer Store

Features Include

If you need to Manage your material component requirements for building Products.
Enter the Main Fabrics, Contrasts, Lining, Fusing, Labels, Buttons, Patterns, Cutting Making, Pleating etc

  1. Record Measurements, colour combinations, making notes , instructions, comments etc.

Automatically Keep track of material usage based on BOM & Orders
Generate Material Reports , Making Sheet, Costing Sheets,Delivery Sheet etc.

Report on Material requirements & costs for Entered Indent Orders, 

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